Q: How does I Witness work?

A: View photos in the various galleries by clicking the photos or the links. Get a larger version by clicking the thumbnails. Comment on photos. Vote for the ones you think are best. Click the "submit your photo" link if you have one to add.

Q: How do I upload my photos to I Witness?

A: Click on the album you wish to upload to and then click "Submit a Photo." Fill in the required fields and you're on your way.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of photos I can upload to I Witness?

A: Each user may upload up to six images per user session. We've imposed a limit as this is a community web site and we want to avoid any one person dominating an album or category. That's just no fun.

Q: What types of image files can I upload to I Witness?

A: Easier to say what images you cannot upload to I Witness actually. I Witness images must be .jpg files of photos that you've taken. No uploading images that are retouched in any way. Do not upload your non-photo artwork, photos that you've found on the web, stock or celebrity photos, stuff that appears to be copyrighted by someone else, screenshots, panoramic or oddly sized photos. No content that's inappropriate for public areas or nudity. Nothing out of focus, underexposed or overexposed, unless it's done artfully.

Please pay attention to composition. Photos should be crisp, not too dark or blown out. We encourage good photography and a good viewing experience for the I Witness community.

We can only accept photos online, in the .jpg format. If your pictures aren't electronic, you can often work at copy centers, photo shops – even drug stores – to get your pictures scanned into a format that you can upload.

Q: What information should I include in my caption?

A: Your name or user name, when and where the photo was taken. Please do not use the caption field to advertise your website. The site will display the name you give us.

Q: What size images may I upload to I Witness?

A: I Witness only supports .jpgs. They can be of any size.

Q: I uploaded a photo to an album. Why isn't it showing up?

A: All photos go through an approval process before they appear on the site. If you've uploaded an image that falls into a category we don't accept (as specified above), we won't approve it. Otherwise, it will show up in the appropriate album once it is approved.

Q: I commented on a photo. Why isn't it showing up?

A: It is probably waiting on approval. But if your comment contains profanity or hate, it's not going up.

Q: How often do photos get approved?

A: Photos are approved daily.

Q: How will I know if a photo is accepted?

A: Unfortunately, we have no means of alerting individuals about every photo. If you follow the guidelines, however, there's no reason to think it won't be.

Q: Why do I have to enter my e-mail address to upload photos and post comments? Will I start getting spam and junk mail?

A: I Witness users submit their e-mail addresses and create user names to facilitate the functionality offered on the site. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch will not use any user information for any purpose other than those defined in the terms of use (click here to read more) without explicit consent from the users.

Q: Can my photographs appear in the newspaper?

They might. Don't be surprised if they do. Please be sure to read our terms of service (click here for more), which includes details about use of photographs uploaded here. If we do, we'll certainly want to use whatever caption information you can provide. We'll also want to identify the photographer. Your e-mail address can help us do that, too.

Q: What is your privacy policy?

A: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch adheres to a strict privacy policy.

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